Strengthen your company’s long-term brand

WiKOM develops tomorrow’s websites that convert your target group into long-term customers through well-structured web principles and extensive experience in web development.

No sales pitch at all, just a bunch of tips

Hello! Vegard here,
founder of WiKOM.

Stop wasting time in traffic
– make existing traffic work for you

Take advantage of my experience and expertise in building websites, take advantage of the best online and look for sales opportunities through your company’s website. When I build your website for increased sales, I will continuously optimize it for future customers for you.


Convert through the website

A focused website will increase sales for your company and the long-term brand building takes place through your company’s website.


Reduce cost per customer

Increased conversion possibilities give your company a better bottom line from existing traffic, and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers through your own website.


Improve your long-term brand

Focusing on your vision for the company, we will be able to work together and work directly towards a brand that can neither be forgotten nor hidden by competitors.

I am satisfied with the e-commerce site that Vegard set up for us. I doubt anyone can find more value for money! Vegard has been available when I needed help and guided me through some basic things I needed to know to keep our e-commerce in growth mode.

Kevin Murphy

Multiple orders over the first 30 days


Increase in visitors from search engines after 30 days


Satisfied customer 😃

* recommendation above is translated from the original English language with the permission of the client

My services


Fixed price client

I help you with existing websites, development of new websites, digital maintenance work, security updates, social media and everything that happens around the website.

Hire me for a monthly sum starting only from five thousand per month, no other costs. A perfect solution for your company on the road to proper digitalisation.


Fixed price website

I develop their website with a focus on increasing demand for products and services that are clearly shown on the website.

The focus is to build up your brand long-term by recommending a long-term agreement where I work you up on the internet.

No price surprises as a fixed price is set after a pleasant conversation about your needs.

you can also buy work per hour if available at a nominal value of NOK 960,- excluding VAT. per hour

Fixed price client

I solve everything around their digital side of the business; with one simple monthly invoice.

By hiring me to work on your website or other digital work on a monthly basis for your company, you avoid an extremely large amount of paperwork and unnecessary costs related to employment.

I work asynchronously in the background of your company, but at the same time in the most transparent way where work is recorded from a common digital work board that lists work from important to least important according to your needs.

A normal corporate employment

agsdix-fas fa-beer

fringe benefits for employees

agsdix-far fa-flushed

sickness absence costs

agsdix-fas fa-user-clock

time-consuming follow-up of employees

agsdix-fas fa-balance-scale

little measurable result of work carried out, no or little history

My fixed price client agreement

agsdix-fas fa-check-circle

pause whenever you want, invoicing takes place per month started

agsdix-fas fa-check-circle

no costs related to sickness absence

agsdix-fas fa-check-circle

full overview of started, completed and future work for all parties

agsdix-fas fa-check-circle

simple monthly report based on work done and recommendations

No meetings. Right on task. Asynchronous work.

After we have gotten to know each other over one or more conversations, we move to a working agreement where we no longer have calendar meetings.

All communication takes place over the shared work board in the form of text, video clips, documents, etc. I work asynchronously, which means that there are no fixed times when I am available, but all results are measured through the job board.

Typical digital work that clients benefit from through the fixed price client agreement

  • help with existing website,
  • build new website
  • write articles
  • update material on the website
  • security updates on the website
  • operate e-mail
  • build newsletters for cheaper and better advertising towards existing customers
  • set up advertisements such as Google Ads, Facebook etc. to acquire new customers
  • build your brand digitally
  • continuous search engine optimization
  • develop an online store
  • add products
  • arrange sales channels
  • create graphic material
  • create graphic videos for advertisement and website
  • + everything else you can imagine a dream employee could have done for you

Below you see the procedure for how work is carried out in a client agreement


You or I add things to do to a joint list.


I move things to do to during work and work on the task.


When I have done the work, I mark the task (files, reference) as almost done.


When you consider the work as finished, it is moved to finished for history.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a task take?

Typically, it will take 48-72 hours for an advertised task on the job board to be completed. Each individual work task is taken from most important (first) to least important (last), so make sure that important work ranks high.

Naturally, demanding tasks will take significantly longer, but I then use to break them up into sub-tasks, so that partial deliveries can take place and be evaluated from their side.

Can you build a website on a client agreement?

Yes. You can get everything done through a monthly client agreement. Typical time for building a normal large website is 4-6 weeks.

How long does it take to make a video?

Video is time-consuming and often expensive, here it is included in the client agreement, but a simple video for advertising on your own website or social media takes around 1-2 weeks with a duration of around 30 seconds.

Can you write content or articles for our website?

Yes. When designing a new website, I can produce content based on information you have available and the direction you want the page to take. I can write articles, which is a time-consuming process, but very popular these days.

Fixed price website

No website is too small or too big. I build their search engine optimized website with all their content for a fixed price.

According to your company’s needs and all the information you share, I make several recommendations and a price offer that has a fixed price. Invoicing takes place 50% at start-up and the remaining 50% approx. 1 week before estimated delivery.

If the website is to be rebuilt, it is most often built using open source code and WordPress is still one of the better options. The website is delivered ready for use and your company can operate everything itself or let me take over technical maintenance and/or maintenance of content.

To summarize, I offer a fixed price for website development, fixed price work and hourly work outside of NOK 960,- excluding VAT.

You have a unique opportunity in front of you, where I can develop tomorrow’s website and future for your company or become part of tomorrow’s growth through a monthly agreement that provides so much value that you almost don’t think it’s possible.

Talk to me today, take the step by showing interest through the contact form, and we’ll talk over a non-binding video call tomorrow.


Vegard Wikeby

The company


Sekkenvegen 1
6057 Ellingsøy


About WiKOM

Wi Kommunikation is led by me, Vegard Wikeby. The company is operated and owned 100% by me, of which all work in the form of services and products is done directly with me.

All communication and results of work through one of my services above happens through me directly.